Boat Project – a shipyard with history…

Spirit of the shipyard has been with us for many generations. It’s here where for many years biggest water units such as barges, ships, fishing boats, and now sailing and power boats have been built.

Continuing craft of our ancestors, we would like to share our passion and encourage you to immerse yourself in the world of water voyages. 

Here, at the Boat Project, we build boats for everyone – simple, practical, and for every budget. While construction we combine modern technologies with craftsmanship so every detail on your boat is thoroughly completed. Our experience in the industry and satisfied customers from all over Europe are the best proofs of the quality provided by our team.

With our boats we give you luxury of being close to nature, exploration of beautiful water areas that, even for a moment, will let you get distressed from everyday routine and experience something unforgettable.

Choose adventure. Live your life and catch the waves on our boats!


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Our production

As we put great emphasis on the working environment, we work only with the best specialists. Their experience is used at every stage of production, and the quality offered by our brands allows us to build high quality boats.

What is important for us and what differentiate our company from competition is the in-house manufacturing, from its design to the water tests.

In GRP works, we combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies focusing on Vacuum Laminating Technology which is better for the environment and safer for our employees.

Products made of laminate feature with resistance in changing weather conditions. Our workmanship guarantees here the best safety and quality. Thus, besides our production, we are able to cooperate with other companies that trust our services.

The steel produced in our shipyard combines the unchanging features of high quality, stability and effectiveness in various environments.

Most of boats’ equipment is made in the factory. Our specialists such as upholsterers, carpenters, welders, and polishers precisely design and build every detail according to your wishes.

In all departments, we use professional tools and equipment with the highest class of CNC machines provigin precision of repeatability. What’s important, perfectly made elements would never be created if not passion, commitment, and experience of our employees that we really appreciate.

Quality control planned at every stage of production let us make sure whether the boat is compliant with the order and your boat will give you only beautiful moments.

After assembly the boat is checked in our testing pool which is the last check before its destiny point.

On the final stage, a boat is packed in heat-shrinkable foil and protected from any damages during transport what makes it ready-to-go.

Boat Project
Boat Project

Boat Project – a place with a long history and tradition

Boat Project shipyard was established in the place of the former shipyard in Tczew. Tczew River Shipyard was a metal and shipbuilding industry plant and existed until 2011. The first mention of boat and river ship repair workshops at the Tczew winter port dates back to 1888. In 1930, the extension of the port basin was completed and space was provided for shipyard buildings. The establishment of an independent shipyard dates back to March 26, 1954, when the Tczew River Shipyard acquires legal personality. The years 1958-1963 were a period of rapid development of the plant: brick production halls were erected, hull prefabrication hall, mechanization of lifts was carried out. The ramp was equipped with a mobile crane, and the technology and construction offices found their headquarters in the new administration building. Currently, in the place of the former Tczew shipyard, the headquarters of the Boat Project is located.

“Every big project starts with a great vision and willingness to act to create something luxurious and unique, which will later become the fulfillment of your dream.”



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