Boats. We can boast about them all over the world. It is a product of the premium segment, of which we are an increasingly fast-growing manufacturer.

What is the advantage of Polish shipyards like ours is the size. We are a small company, which is characterized by considerable flexibility.

Foreign customers appreciate the very high quality of materials from which we create boats for special customer orders. The fact that the shipyard consists of relatively small teams means that customers can count on product personalization, which is very important in the luxury industry. And it is this flexibility that is the advantage of the Boat Project shipyard.

The area of our shipyard is a total of 10 hectares of area. The size of the production halls is 5,000 m2, which gives the possibility of producing motor boats up to 18 meters (60 feet). The shipyard also has its own 1-hectare port basin with direct access to the Vistula River and transfer to the port of Gdansk.

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