Oceanmaster 470WA

It is the perfect boat for spontaneous moments with nature and exploration of coastal waters.

Its users appreciate it especially for a possibility to assemble an economical engine, easy transport and rich equipment that you can choose and tailor to your needs.

Despite its size, the 470 WA model can accommodate up to 6 people! The helmsman’s seat positioned on the starboard side provides you excellent view. With our newest solutions you can easily and quickly change the table and the seats on the bow into a cosy and relaxing place. Then, the sundeck, a fridge, easy entrance on the boat, and other elements on the boat will make you feel comfortable and relaxed while sailing.

You don’t have to plan long cruises with 470 WA. What you need is a sunny day, a small trailer, and a place where you can really enjoy the moments and feel the wind in your hair.

Oceanmaster 470WA

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