The boat season is slowly coming to an end, so it is high time to choose a place to store your yacht in Autumn and Winter days. There are lots of various offers on the market, so how to choose the best one? Should companies offer any additional services to Winter storage?

The most common form of winter storage is keeping a boat outdoor. After taking it out of the water it is put on the stand, covered with foil, and left for few months. A good advice is to leave portholes slightly open and put some fresh air under the foil. After winter months, the boat needs to be thoroughly cleaned and checked before going back to the water.

Another thing is when you store your yacht in a hall. This solution is more expensive, but has many advantages:

no need to foil the boat

less risk of damaging its equipment

no need to disassemble the covers

ropes and accessories are not exposed to rain and frost

moisture residues don’t freeze but evaporate so it doesn’t destroy the sheathing from inside.

Remember that preparing your boat for Winter means more than just finding a safe place to store it. It is also thorough service and necessary repairs that make your boat ready for the next water season. Time between September and March are the best for such services as you are not in such a hurry with your cruises schedules. We provide this complex offer in Boat Project so you can be sure that your boat will be in its best condition next Spring.

If you are an owner of a yacht who would like to store your boat in a professional place, we invite you to get familiar with our offer. Except for the winter storage we provide service of the boat, the possibility of its renovation, and 24/24 protection.

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